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5:12pm 05-20-2013
So the grape of the month, what wine can this grape be sampled?
8:41pm 09-30-2012
Great Blog!!!!
2:53pm 09-10-2012
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9:22am 07-11-2012
I've already purchaed my coupon for Ozan. loking forward to it.
11:48am 04-09-2012
Very informative little lady! ty for sharing
11:48am 04-09-2012
Very informative little lady! ty for sharing
8:39am 10-29-2011
Hey Lady!
I love your blog. The information and the music are pure bkiss. eep us "in the know" !
Aunt Barbara
1:29pm 08-24-2011
Carolyn Brown
Your blog keeps getting better, the Wine Wisdom is a nice touch
9:28am 04-11-2011
Thanks for putting me on these other Alabama Wineries!
10:26am 03-22-2011
Can you discuss the point of sniffing the wine first before you drink it Love your blog!
7:47am 03-22-2011
Enjoying your blog. Love wine and all things wine!
1:17pm 03-21-2011
Love it- Lil Girl..
10:46am 03-17-2011
Green wine spritzers on St. Patty Day,how appropriate!:
11:34am 02-19-2011
Luv the website & music,
10:04am 02-18-2011
Love the jazz, very nice touch.
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